Clinical Hypnosis
The term often conjures up recollections of movies about mind control or memories of
having watched a “stage hypnotist” entertaining an audience by getting a few brave
people to act in funny ways.  But clinical hypnosis is very different, it’s a very real and
respected tool used by highly trained psychologists, physicians and dentists in their
daily practice to help bring relief for their patients from a wide variety of problems.

Dr. Baker has been using clinical hypnosis with great success in his practice for many
years in the treatment of:
•   Anxiety and stress
•   Trauma
•   Depression
•   Sports and athletic performance problems
•   Concentration difficulties
•   Fears and phobias

Dr. Baker has completed advanced study and earned certification in the field of
Clinical Hypnosis. He has also been involved in the governance of professional
organizations concerned with training and research in the field of clinical hypnosis for
many years.

For more information or to set up a consultation about the possible benefits of using
hypnosis yourself,
contact Dr. Baker.
•   Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
•   Pain disorders
•   Sexual dysfunctions
•   Sleep disorders
•   Smoking cessation
•   Obesity and weight control
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